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I tried 

This blog has haunted me because I just couldn't keep up with it. 

I write to confess my failure at blogging.  








A Blog Is A Job 

     I have discovered that as much as I liked doing a blog, it is like another job and I have too many already.  Just couldn't keep up with it.  So I must resort to being the occasional blogger, more casual in my approach, less stressful on my being.  

     With apologies to anyone out there who happens by here with expectations of seeing anything of consequence.  


A Frightening Time 

    I come from the peace of visiting neighbors to the shrill defense of yet again someone is offering for Trump.  It is everywhere.  He will prove that the system is rigged.  It will be one more case of the sour grapes that the fox could not reach.  Trump will go out in a blaze but not of glory, of destruction.  He will hurt everyone especially those who support him, and Lord only knows how anyone can continue to do so.  

     It is a frightening time.  We have been spoiled too long by a stable…

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Time Off 

    Though ambling about the farm doing many farm things, I have been thinking a lot about this blog.  Seems that I went through one of those predictable author periods of self-doubt and disparagement.  "Should I really be doing this?"  "Will anyone ever read it?"  "Am I even a writer at all?"  

    Answers to all of the above are resounding "Not sure", but I am back at this blog writing.  

    Happy and sad things going on in the world.  We attended a wedding over the weekend; the marriage of two people…

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That Mexican Thing!! 

  OH, Pence, couldn't you say something else in defense of your indefensible running mate when Tim Kaine quoted the big Don's opening remarks for his presidential campaign?  "That Mexican Thing"  was pulled out again, but wouldn't have been if Trump had never made his offensive comments about Mexicans as murderers and rapists.  

  One response via Jorge Ramos' FB page was pretty humorous.  Seems to be from a Latino gentleman who wrote: "That Mexican thing is what white girls like, thats (sic) why they…

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Let the debate begin! 

  All the news stations are fluttering in a frenzy to outdo each other in fantastic coverage of this Kaine/Pence VP debate.  My hopes are with Kaine.  Pence has a really hard job to do since I want to believe that he is a good man trying to support a fool who thinks he should be President.  Kaine's candidate has proven her worth for decades.  He can't glide but seems it would be easier to support someone who at least prepares for public appearances and for the Presidency. 

  I am late to get myself…

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I Have No Team 

    It is a quiet night.  The weather is caught somewhere between the warm, sultry evenings of summer and the vicious cold of winter.  There are hints of each of these seasons as I go outside to walk the dogs.  They will battle for a few weeks until it's game over for summer; winter has won again.  

    My husband has staked out real estate in front of the television with his eyes blankly staring at the NY Giants game.  It is his team. On Facebook I see many people passionately supporting one team or…

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Pet adoption lifts my heart 

  Our son and his family have talked about getting a dog.  Their children have certainly talked about a dog and have pushed their parents in that direction.  Tonight there was a Facebook posting of their oldest child, beaming with joy and holding a puppy.  The post read that our granddaughter had cried tears of joy and now so do I.  Another photo showed the puppy sleeping on her bed, snuggled away at her feet, under a blanket that I actually made for her and now, also, for the dog, Arlo.  

  Given parents…

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October Begins 

   Have been digging my way through a desk that is at its limit, and me, too.  I can clutter a desktop faster than any other human I know.  I am as messy electronically as I am in real-time in the real world.  Any desktop I get near is destined to be destroyed with papers, books, pens, memories, letters, projects, and all the things that can't be classified.  Every time I send a computer in for maintenance, the first thing they do is "clean up the desktop".  I so wish that they were available to make…

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The World Should Be Ashamed 

   Tonight my big decisions are what to write about, if I want yet another sample of newly made rice pudding, and what time I'm going to bed.  I need to make sure I brush my teeth, take my meds, and then snuggle into my collection of pillows and comforters that function as more of a nest than a bed.  

    While I go about the mundane, paltry functions of my life at the end of this day, there are people dying in Syria.  Babies bloodied and bruised are being pulled out of rubble, alive only to now be…

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