That Mexican Thing!!

  OH, Pence, couldn't you say something else in defense of your indefensible running mate when Tim Kaine quoted the big Don's opening remarks for his presidential campaign?  "That Mexican Thing"  was pulled out again, but wouldn't have been if Trump had never made his offensive comments about Mexicans as murderers and rapists.  

  One response via Jorge Ramos' FB page was pretty humorous.  Seems to be from a Latino gentleman who wrote: "That Mexican thing is what white girls like, thats (sic) why they jealous. LOL :)"  Not much I can add to this except to say that I'm still chuckling.  

   As an ESL teacher/migrant advocate for nearly a decade, I would have to say that the Mexican thing I notice is the respect that I get from my clients/students.  Perhaps it's because respect is built right into their language with two different forms of the word for "you".  The tú form which is considered informal, to be used with friends and those younger or of lesser social status.  The usted form to be used in formal address.  From the beginning of language acquisition in their cribs, they seem to learn respect.  

   The migrant workers with whom I have spent time are actually from Mexico & Guatemala.  Early on rarely did I meet Guatemalans, but now it's probably evenly split.  These are people who come here to work because there are no opportunities in their own countries.  They come because their families need to eat and have permanent home structures.

   It has been my privilege getting to know these workers.  Too bad Trump is neither human nor humane enough to get to know all of the undocumented Latinos now folding down beds in his fancy hotels.  

   From my perspective, that Mexican thing is working hard, paying bills, and maintaining their families.  It a life with a great amount of self-sacrifice.  The US needs to wake up about just how much Mexican (and Guatemalan) workers do here in our country.  

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