Time Off

    Though ambling about the farm doing many farm things, I have been thinking a lot about this blog.  Seems that I went through one of those predictable author periods of self-doubt and disparagement.  "Should I really be doing this?"  "Will anyone ever read it?"  "Am I even a writer at all?"  

    Answers to all of the above are resounding "Not sure", but I am back at this blog writing.  

    Happy and sad things going on in the world.  We attended a wedding over the weekend; the marriage of two people who knew exactly what they were getting into, and did it just the same.  It is a second marriage for each of them; neither had happy experiences previously.  Together they seem very happy.  They were surrounded by friends, family, and gorgeous fall foliage, with a ceremony performed high up on a hill overlooking a peaceful rural valley.  It was truly a sight to behold. 

    Politics vary from painful to putrid.  The second Presidential debate last night wasn't all that presidential.  Don Trump strutted around behind HRC every time she was speaking.  He resembled a caged animal or a predator ready to strike.  DT brought an entourage of women each complaining about their sexual treatment at the hands of Bill Clinton and subsequent mistreatment by his wife, Hillary Clinton.  DT was trying to kick up enough dust to hide the inappropriate, indiscreet, irresponsible tape that showed him bragging about his kissing of women and grabbing them by the "pussy".  I am certain most would have preferred a simple handshake. There is nothing stately about anything he does.  He's a rat finally on the sinking ship where he belongs to be.  

    Even worse than the sexual bragging, is the overarching attitude that he has the right by wealth or status or something to take liberties with others, to treat them as he wishes, objectify them.  I object to this. 

    So, for all of the self-doubt I was swimming in about my abilities, there is always far worse off.  I can only wonder if Donald Trump ever wonders about his abilities or does he just keep sloshing on.  

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