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    This page was created to provide readers with a streamlined manner of obtaining my novel Another Day, Otro Día. There are links for both the printed and Ebook formats.  It is written in English with occasional phrases and short passages in Spanish that are well explained in the surrounding context. 

     I sincerely hope that this book will do some good to raise the public awareness of the conditions for contemporary migrant workers.  It is not a book for children.  There are instances of harsh language and sexual content.  Peggy Stewart, a farmer and main character, struggles with the decision to hire an undocumented migrant worker.  There were no other alternatives.  

    This book was written in memorial and dedication to migrants everywhere.  Too often migrant workers live and work in situations that are little more than modern slavery or indentured servitude.  Many do not even survive the passage searching for a better life. 

    My thanks for taking the time to read and think about the lives of those who produce our food. 

    And please check out the link for my new children's picture book entitled "The Macaroni Necklace and The Pink Panda Bear".  It is also available at the Bookstore on this web page.  Digital version should be out soon.